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Affiliate Marketing & Ecommerce Online Businesses

The entrepreneurs of today understand that having an online business is the best possible way to get started. Since a typical business with a storefront, employees, many expenses and more is out of reach for most people, starting a business online is a viable solution.

We even see young people in their early teens starting an online business. This would never have been possible without the Internet. There are two business models that we will discuss today. These are the most common that people are delving into today. These models are the affiliate marketing model and e-commerce or also known as drop shipping.

Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you simply need to create a website or possibly even a youtube channel where you would promote other peoples products. There are many businesses out there that use the affiliate marketing model to boost their sales. This is like hiring a team of salespeople that are strictly on commission. There is no cost to the company and it is a win win model because both parties will benefit.
The affiliate marketer will leverage his or her website’s traffic to promote the product from the vendor. The vendor will supply the affiliate marketer with a unique URL that will identify that particular person. When a sale is made from the link, the affiliate marketer is identified to the vendor and the commission is then generated. Payouts normally range from two weeks to a month from the time of sale. The reason for the delay is because a lot of vendors will have some sort of guarantee which could be up to 30 days on average. If a purchaser refunds the product than no commission is paid out. This is the reason for the delay in most affiliate marketers understand this.

Commissions range anywhere from 5% which is what you would see from selling a product on Amazon and all the way up to 50% or more which is usually focused on digital products. Since digital products have no shipping costs, this is why the commission rates are much higher.

To get into affiliate marketing tool need to understand how to market products, where to market them, and the strategies used. It would be a good idea to purchase a course on affiliate marketing. Read reviews on the many different affiliate Marketing course offered to make sure that you are purchasing a reputable one.

Here is an example of an affiliate marketing site that provides reviews for insurance.


The e-commerce model is slightly different. For e-commerce, we will focus on dropshipping. Drop shipping is where you advertise products available from the manufacturer without physically holding them in storage. If someone purchases a product from your website you would then fulfill the order by purchasing from the manufacturer and having the manufacturer deliver the product to directly to the customer. You are basically the middleman in the purchase.

The drop shipping model deals strictly with physical goods. One very common place where products can be bought for the purposes of dropshipping is Products can be bought here for as little as $1.00 and marked up to $20.00 or more. These all come from China so products can be bought very cheaply and sold for a higher price to the consumer.
Drop shipping is very hot right now with marketers. A lot of money can be made with this model. This has already shown due to many retailers going out of business.

Here is a very common drop shipping store that focuses on jewlelry. All these products have been sourced from Aliexpress.

Ecom & Affiliate Course Reviews

To get into e-commerce or affiliate marketing, you’ll need to do your research and fully understand each business model. Although there is plenty of free information all over the web, your best chance of success is to purchase a course online. E-commerce and affiliate marketing course reviews can be found on many review websites that cater to helping online entrepreneurs. Getting the right information will help you fasttrack to success.

How Internet Marketing Works

So if you want to be good at Internet Marketing you need to have adequate training and understand how it works.  Online marketing is vital to the success of your business.  So let’s start talking about what it is to be an Internet marketer.

Internet Marketing should be treated just like any other company.  It will help customers no the product or the brand without having any problems.

Internet Marketing can be used to bring in a lot of consumers at anytime.  You can use any form of paid advertising or using SEO to rank websites.  It’s important to understand what keywords you want to rank for and to also understand your market.

Online marketing is a wide term that encompasses many things.  It includes email, social media, search engine optimization, paid ads and more.

It is also the most ideal decision you can make to make your business grow faster.  In this day and age of many savvy marketers it is crucial that you employ some kind of online marketing to get customers to either visit your website or call your business.

With email marketing you can send emails to people on your email list that you will build over time.  You can use pay a web form on your website to either have them sign up for a newsletter or to offer some type of a free offer to get their e-mail address.  When you have this information you can use it to provide value and to also market products.

Make sure that you provide a lot of value in your emails otherwise people will un-subscribe from your list because your marketing too much.

Online marketing is much cheaper than traditional means.  If you compare it to advertising in the newspaper or buying a spot in a local magazine online marketing always wins.  The reason for this is that the targeting is much better.  With old forms of advertising you are reaching out to a broad audience that may not be interested in your product or service.  With Internet Marketing you can precisely send ads to people that are interested in your product.

As a new entrepreneur you should always make sure that you fully understand how all the aspects of Internet Marketing Works.